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Whether playing in Stableford or Stroke Play format, Golfonaut records and archives the score of each of your rounds in order to calculate your gross and net score directly based on your handicap.

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Count or play?

A summer Sunday. It's 12 pm. You have just finished your round of golf with Michael and are enjoying a drink on the terrace of the clubhouse in the shade of the cherry tree. Michael is busy counting his points: hole #5, 7 shots, minus 2 handicap strokes, that makes 5 shots, it's a par 5 so 2 points.He will be at it for a little while longer while on your side, Golfonaut has already calculated your points for you since the 18th green, with a total result of 24 stableford points, index 24.

While waiting for Michael, you enjoy the present moment. You think back to your great pitch on the 17th hole that earned you 2 points.

Stop counting, play.


Number of strokes and number of putts

Golfonaut records the number of strokes and number of putts you have made on each hole.

Gross score and net score

Based on your handicap and the handicaps of each hole, the app calculates your net score from your gross score. This way, you can easily compare your scores with those of your friends.

Stroke play and Stableford

You can play using two game formats: stroke play or Stableford. In stroke play, Golfonaut counts your strokes. In Stableford, Golfonaut counts your points.

Automatic counting

If you record each of your shots, Golfonaut will count them automatically. At the end of the hole, all you have to do is validate the count made by the app.

How it works

Enter your golf handicap at game launch
Before the game
Enter your handicap in the iPhone app.
Record your shots on Apple Watch
During the game
Record each shot or enter your score at the end of each hole.
Get your score at the end of the game, in net and gross
After the game
Golfonaut records your scorecard and calculates your net score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the scorecard feature included in the free version?

Yes, the free version records an unlimited number of scorecards. Members of the Golfonaut Private Club also benefit from net score calculation based on their handicap.

What game formats are available?

Golfonaut offers two game formats: Stroke Play and Stableford. In Stroke Play, your score is based on the total number of strokes taken during the round, while in Stableford, points are awarded based on the number of strokes taken on each hole relative to the hole's par.

Does the net score calculation take into account the handicap strokes for each hole?

Yes, we have the handicaps for each hole, so we can calculate the handicap strokes for each hole accordingly.

Am I required to record my shots on the course?

No, you have the option to simply enter your score at the end of each hole. However, if you record each shot, Golfonaut will automatically calculate your number of strokes and putts, so you only need to confirm the count at the end of each hole.

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Finally, a perfect app to go with your Apple Watch!
Congratulations, effective app
Easy to use, this app is reliable for calculating distances to the green
The promise is kept
I have an S40, but wanting to have everything in one watch (running, cross-fit, golf), I downloaded Golfonaut. We have the distance very simply, we enter the scores in two seconds, and the app is nice: that's the base I was looking for. The fact that it has integrated badges to unlock is also super cool in principle.
Very good app
For me, the best golf GPS app for the Apple Watch. It does the job. It connects directly to GPS without waiting. It doesn't consume the watch battery when applying the recommended settings by the developer. Displayed distances are accurate when I compare them to my binoculars. I couldn't ask for more. Perfect.
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