L'application Apple Watch surveille votre rythme cardiaque durant la partie de golf

No pain, no gain

Reach your physical activity goals with Golfonaut! The app measures your heart rate and energy burned during your golf games to help you complete your Apple activity rings.

Stay fit while playing golf

The beat goes on

It's a Sunday morning in winter and it's 8am. You're sipping your coffee while analyzing your weekly activity on the Fitness app. It's not looking good as you've been sitting at your desk all week and haven't reached your goals. Luckily, the weather is mild today and you decide to spend the morning playing golf to get back on track.

At the tee-off of the course at 9am, you launch Golfonaut and make a good drive to start. You walk briskly to reach your ball and play your next shot, a 9-iron. You continue to move quickly and soon reach the green. At 12:30pm, you finish the session with a 3-yards putt. The app shows that you had an average heart rate of 96 BPM and burned 695 KCAL. You check your activity ring for the day and see that you've already reached your goals! It's great! You're tired but happy to have been able to exercise.

Keep fit: play golf.


Heart rate

Golfonaut measures your heart rate throughout your golf games. The heart rate monitor analyzes the rhythm of your heart at regular intervals. This allows you to measure the impact of a game of golf on your heart and detect any possible anomalies.

Activity rings

Each round of golf played with Golfonaut is registered as an Apple golf activity and therefore contributes to completing your activity rings: Move, Exercise, and Stand. With a round of golf lasting 3.5 hours, you can quickly reach your goals: well done!

Fall detection and emergency calling

The Apple Watch can be configured to detect falls during an activity and automatically call for emergency assistance. At the start of the golf game, Golfonaut registers the activity within Apple system. You will be covered in case of a bad fall.

How it works

Authorize Golfonaut to monitor your heart rate
During set-up
You authorize Golfonaut to create activities in your Apple Fitness data.
Play golf
During the game
Swing, walk, putt. Smile, you're being measured.
See your heart rate, energy burned, and your completed Apple Activity Ring
After each game
Find your heart rate and activity data in the Golfonaut iPhone app or in the Apple Fitness app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fitness feature mandatory?

No, you can disable the Fitness feature.

Is the Fitness feature included in the free version?

Yes it is.

Where are my fitness data stored?

Fitness data is stored and managed by Apple. Golfonaut records the data in the Apple system and accesses it to display it, but does not store this data. Also, Golfonaut is a completely anonymous application where each user is represented by a pseudonym.

What is the impact of the Fitness feature on the watch's battery?

Between 20 and 70% of the watch battery is consumed when playing 18 holes with the Fitness function.

Is a SIM card required for the Apple Watch to automatically call 911?

No, the detection of a bad fall can automatically call for help, through your iPhone. That is why we recommend keeping your iPhone in your pocket.

It should be noted that fall detection can also notify your emergency contacts. More information: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208944

They use Golfonaut

Finally, a perfect app to go with your Apple Watch!
Congratulations, effective app
Easy to use, this app is reliable for calculating distances to the green
The promise is kept
I have an S40, but wanting to have everything in one watch (running, cross-fit, golf), I downloaded Golfonaut. We have the distance very simply, we enter the scores in two seconds, and the app is nice: that's the base I was looking for. The fact that it has integrated badges to unlock is also super cool in principle.
Very good app
For me, the best golf GPS app for the Apple Watch. It does the job. It connects directly to GPS without waiting. It doesn't consume the watch battery when applying the recommended settings by the developer. Displayed distances are accurate when I compare them to my binoculars. I couldn't ask for more. Perfect.
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