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Ball finder

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Don't lose your ball with Golfonaut! The app helps you find it by indicating the distance between you and your last shot as well as your average distance for each club. You will immediately know if you are closer or further away from your ball.

Lost golf ball

Those who seek, those who find

On a winter Saturday, you're playing golf alone peacefully. It's 4 pm. You're about to hit a drive on this long par-5 of 518 yards. You need to send a missile and no time to waste on this long fairway. The low sun blinds you.

You start your backswing but you go too high. Way too high. You swing with all your might, forgetting the coach's advice. The impact echoes in the surrounding forest. You try to spot your ball but it's a lost cause because the sun is too low. However, thanks to Golfonaut, you know that your average distance on drives is 213 yards. The app measured a swing head speed of 83 mph. Not so fast after all. The ball must be around 205 yards away.

You start walking. The player behind you arrives at the tee and takes a pressing position. You won't have to waste time finding this ball. Golfonaut shows you the distance from the tee on your Apple Watch: 205 yards. Okay, so you need to look along the arc. Ah, there it is! You see it, 15 yards to the left, in the forest, behind a big centennial oak. Next time you'll listen to the coach, promised.

Don't search for your ball, find it.

Ball finder

Distance since the last shot

Golfonaut displays the distance traveled since your last shot. This way, you can know if you are close to your ball.

Swing speed

The app measures the speed of each of your swings using the gyroscope of the Apple Watch. This way you know precisely if your swing was fast and can therefore refine your search area.

Average distance per club

With the Performance feature, you know precisely the distance you cover with your clubs. Adjust with swing speed and you will know where to look.

How it works

Select the club on Apple Watch
Before each shot
Select the club you will use with just one tap on your Apple Watch.
See the distance and yardage from your last shot
After the shot
Your Apple Watch displays your swing speed as well as the distance between you and your last shot.
On your iPhone, see the average distance of each club
After the game
On the iPhone app, you can find your distance per club in the Performance tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ball finder included in the free version?

No, the ball finder is a feature exclusively reserved for members of the Golfonaut Private Club.

Am I required to record my shots on the course?

No, the "shot by shot" mode is optional. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the "scoring" mode, for example, where you only enter your score at the end of each hole. However, to benefit from the distance from the last shot and swing speed, you must record your shots.

They use Golfonaut

Finally, a perfect app to go with your Apple Watch!
Congratulations, effective app
Easy to use, this app is reliable for calculating distances to the green
The promise is kept
I have an S40, but wanting to have everything in one watch (running, cross-fit, golf), I downloaded Golfonaut. We have the distance very simply, we enter the scores in two seconds, and the app is nice: that's the base I was looking for. The fact that it has integrated badges to unlock is also super cool in principle.
Very good app
For me, the best golf GPS app for the Apple Watch. It does the job. It connects directly to GPS without waiting. It doesn't consume the watch battery when applying the recommended settings by the developer. Displayed distances are accurate when I compare them to my binoculars. I couldn't ask for more. Perfect.
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