Golfonaut measures your swing speed thanks to Apple Watch motion sensors
Swing speed


Thanks to the sensors on your Apple Watch, Golfonaut measures the speed of your swing for each of your shots. You will know everything with precision and finally be able to put a number on your intergalactic missiles!

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To infinity and beyond

It's 6:30 pm on a Thursday in September. You managed to free up some time to play a quick 9-hole round. On the tee of the 4th hole, there's a slight headwind. You grab your driver and press the 1W button on your Apple Watch, getting ready to swing. There's no need to hit too hard since this par-4 hole is short. Precision is the key.

You lift your club gently, not too high, start your downswing slowly, and then accelerate. The impact with the ball resonates. You finish your swing with the club behind your head, your chest forward, and perfectly balanced. You follow your ball with your eyes. Perfect trajectory. Slight draw. The ball falls in the middle and rolls slightly to the right of the fairway.

Golfonaut indicates a club head speed of 95 mph. Wow! You didn't feel like you were that fast. The ball is only 224 yards away. The wind and humidity must have slowed it down. Good to know. Next time, you'll try to slow down your backswing!

Light speed activated!

Swing speed

Apple Watch gyroscope

Your Apple Watch is equipped with a gyroscope that measures the rotational speed along 3 axes. This gyroscope is extremely precise and measures at a frequency of 100Hz. That's 300 points per second recorded during your swing.

Hands speed

Your Apple Watch is ideally located on your wrist to measure the speed of your hands during your swing. It is the speed of your hands and the accuracy of impact on the clubhead (smash factor) that determine the speed of the ball.

Gain more distance

We learn to swing by remembering what works and what doesn't. For speed, we base our analysis on the distance the ball travels. And yet, this distance depends on many other parameters than just your hand speed: smash factor, wind, humidity in the air, ball spin, club length, etc.

By knowing the speed of your clubhead for each swing, you will be able to identify what makes your hands accelerate and what slows them down. Your hands, club head, and ball will accelerate. The ball will land further and roll more. You will make better scores.

How it works

Authorize Golfonaut to access to your Apple Watch motion sensors
During set-up
Authorize Golfonaut to access your gyroscope.
Before each shot, select the club you will use. It triggers motion sensors capture
Before each shot
Select the club you are going to use on your Apple Watch. This activates the gyroscope recording.
Golfonaut measures your swing speed. It displays club head speed directly on Apple Watch after the swing
After each shot
Find your swing speed directly on your Apple Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the swing speed feature included in the free version?

No, it is a function reserved for Golfonaut Private Club members.

Do I need to record every shot to use the swing speed function?

Yes, when you are at the level of your ball and you select the club you are going to hit on your Apple Watch, Golfonaut triggers the recording of the sensors. If you do not record your shots, the sensors are not activated.

Are you displaying hand speed or club speed?

We display the clubhead speed. It is calculated using the hand speed measured by the Apple Watch and the length of the shaft.

They use Golfonaut

Finally, a perfect app to go with your Apple Watch!
Congratulations, effective app
Easy to use, this app is reliable for calculating distances to the green
The promise is kept
I have an S40, but wanting to have everything in one watch (running, cross-fit, golf), I downloaded Golfonaut. We have the distance very simply, we enter the scores in two seconds, and the app is nice: that's the base I was looking for. The fact that it has integrated badges to unlock is also super cool in principle.
Very good app
For me, the best golf GPS app for the Apple Watch. It does the job. It connects directly to GPS without waiting. It doesn't consume the watch battery when applying the recommended settings by the developer. Displayed distances are accurate when I compare them to my binoculars. I couldn't ask for more. Perfect.
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