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Golfonaut allows you to track, analyze, and understand your game through numerous detailed graphs to help you improve and progress faster.

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On this spring Saturday, you've decided to train. There's a competition the next day and you want to give yourself the best chance. You head towards the driving range out of habit to hit some long shots with your driver. However, you wonder if you really need to work on your drive?

You open Golfonaut on your iPhone, go to the Performance tab. It indicates that your fairway hit is 85% with an average distance of 224 yards. That's quite good. However, the Golfonaut Performance Coach also tells you that you only make 5% up & downs. Well, it's decided, off to the practice green for a 30-minute session of chip and run shots. The next day, you'll gain 3 or 4 strokes thanks to these approaches.

Easily gain points by correcting your weaknesses.


Data analysis for each of your shots

Golfonaut's Performance Coach relies on data from your shots to advise you: club used, distance traveled, accuracy, and spin. All of this granular data, correlated with mapping data, allows for powerful statistics to be derived about your game.

Scoring statistics

The app provides scoring statistics, including average score, score by hole type (par 3/4/5), and percentage of pars/bogeys/birdies. These statistics help you understand if you are performing consistently or not in different situations. For example, you can quickly identify a weakness on par-3 holes, which could indicate a precision issue with your iron shots, or detect too much inconsistency, which could be a sign of taking too many risks.

Metrics by types of shots

The application offers statistics by type of shot:
- Driving: fairway hits, swing speed, and distance per club.
- Irons: greens hits, swing speed, and distance per iron.
- Approaches: percentage of up and downs and sand saves.
- Putting: average number of putts, percentages of putts made at 1 and 3 meters.

This allows you to easily identify areas of your game that need improvement, target your training, and quickly come back stronger.

How it works

Select the club on Apple Watch
Before each shot
Select the club you are going to use in one tap on your Apple Watch.
See your golf round performance on iPhone like green hits and fairway hits.
After the game
Retrieve the performance statistics of your round
See your global performance on every part of your game: driving, pitching, chipping and putting
During training
Find your overall performance statistics and target your weaknesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is performance included in the free version?

No, performance is a feature exclusively reserved for members of the Golfonaut Private Club.

Am I required to record my shots on the course?

No, the "shot by shot" mode is optional. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the "scoring" mode, for example, where you only enter your score at the end of each hole. However, the best Performance statistics use your shot data and therefore require you to record them.

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Finally, a perfect app to go with your Apple Watch!
Congratulations, effective app
Easy to use, this app is reliable for calculating distances to the green
The promise is kept
I have an S40, but wanting to have everything in one watch (running, cross-fit, golf), I downloaded Golfonaut. We have the distance very simply, we enter the scores in two seconds, and the app is nice: that's the base I was looking for. The fact that it has integrated badges to unlock is also super cool in principle.
Very good app
For me, the best golf GPS app for the Apple Watch. It does the job. It connects directly to GPS without waiting. It doesn't consume the watch battery when applying the recommended settings by the developer. Displayed distances are accurate when I compare them to my binoculars. I couldn't ask for more. Perfect.
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