Privacy protection is important for Golfonaut. This page describes how Golfonaut manages data.

Data collection

First of all, Golfonaut does not identify users in a nominative way. Users are identified by their email, and by a username. So, no personal data is collected by Golfonaut.

For each Golf game, Golfonaut collects golf metrics (shots, score), the path taken by the player with GPS coordinates, as well as watch battery load state.

As an option, we also collect, through Apple Workout, heart rate and burned energy during a game. Collection of these data can be disabled.

Data usage

Email is not displayed to other players. It is only used for communications between Golfonaut team and user.

Player score may be shared within the application to other players, through username.

Localization data is used to display on a map to the user path taken during a game. It is not shared to other users. This data can be used by Golfonaut team for Golf course mapmaking purposes.

Watch battery load state is used by Golfonaut team to compute statistics about Golfonaut energy consumption during a Golf game.

Heart rate and burned energy are neither stored, neither distributed, neither used by Golfonaut. They are accessed by iPhone application to display more complete data on Golf games. This data is not stored by Golfonaut.

Data protection

Data are stored securely on different systems, Apple iPhone, Apple Watch and servers. Server access is protected by an individual access management control system. Data transmission is encrypted thanks to TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Questions on privacy

Should you have any question on Golfonaut privacy, please contact us. We will be pleased to help you on this significant topic.

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